How to Clean and Maintain Hardwood or Laminate Floors

There are various ways to clean and maintain your hardwood or laminate floors. Our #1 go to product for cleaning hardwood and laminate is Bona. This product can be purchased essentially anywhere. And cleaning with this is as easy as 1—2—3!

  1. Vacuum, sweep, or dust mop area.
  2. Mist with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner 
  3. Clean with a microfiber pad. Rinse pad regularly to avoid streaking

Bona is a great product that is a waterbased, non-toxic cleaner. Unlike all-purpose cleaners and oil soaps, Bona leaves no residue. Bona sells full mop and cleaning kits much like a swiffer but designed specifically for hardwood and laminate.

Happy Cleaning!

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