Benefits of Carpet Grooming

While many may think of a shag carpet rake when they hear “carpet grooming,” the benefits of grooming or raking your carpet go beyond the 70’s!
Below are some basic reasons why raking your carpet will increase the appearance, feel, and life of your carpet…


What are the main benefits of carpet grooming?

  • Loosens carpet soils for easier removal when vacuuming/cleaning
  • Lifts crushed or matted carpet pile in high-traffic areas
  • Allows for more thorough vacuuming
  • Helps aerate wet carpets so that they dry more quickly
  • Restores carpet pile after cleaning
  • Helps carpeting keep a “like new” appearance for longer
  • Restores the original design of the carpet in some cases
  • Permits better penetration of cleaning chemicals into carpet fibers for more effective soil removal
  • Helps erase “tracking” left behind by vacuum cleaners.

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